10 ‘Work From Home’ Jobs That Pay $100/Day Or More Online!

10 ‘Work From Home’ Jobs That Pay $100/Day Or More Online!

Here we go. I chose 10 jobs for you to do from home and earn $100 a day. Once you start and get better at it, there is nothing to stop you to make much more than that. But, let’s start low. All you need is a laptop and you don’t need to start a big company or anything like that.  You can do these jobs on the side and you can potentially make around about $100 per day or more.

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A/ Chat customer service representative and the reason people want to do this is because it’s actually really easy to do.  All you have to do is sit at your computer,  work for a particular company doing customer service over a chatbot.  This is growing at a fast rate because we have so many new apps coming out now, so many new softwares .  Some of the new websites starting need chat support.

It’s really easy to do.  So let’s say someone has a question and you can’t answer that particular question.  You know basic stuff about the software or the website.  Many companies employ the chat bot service, representatives would do the more serious problems.   The actual big support team resolves the problem and gives you the answers to pass on to clients. I think that this is a great way to make a little bit of money and you can make a good hourly rate.  From the research I’ve done the rate starts at around about $10 per hour it goes all the way up to $20 per hour depending on what particular company you work for, but the best thing is the average is around about 14 dollars which is quite good.   You can make $100 a day on $14 an hour quite easily. So that’s number one guys – chat customer service representative.

Number two guys is blogging – one of my favorites and I do this every day and I’ve been doing this for years now most people think this is a myth that is dead,  but I can tell you right now it’s far from dead.  I know people making millions of dollars a year.

The thing with blogging guys is you are usually interested in something whether it be fishing, knitting, making money online, surfing ..and you can start a blog about that particular topic.  Now here’s a bit of a tip.  When you start a blog you would say what kind of articles do I write?  Well,  start with your titles, if you get stuck with content, start explaining : if you’re starting a surfing blog – explain how to surf ten foot waves,  how to clean your surfboard, how to fix your broken surfboard.  If you use how-to as a starting point for a topic you will never run out of ideas.

When you start a blog guys, just keep putting out content and eventually Google will start to see you as an authority in that particular niche.   You will get more traffic,  you’ll make more money,  you’ll rank for more keywords. Good.  The problem with blogging is, everyone gives up because they don’t see results straight away.   With blogging you’re not gonna make a hundred dollars a day straight away but you can make thousands of dollars per day if you just put the work in and be patient.  Let Google do its job and get you traffic, that is when a monetized site starts making money.

I got started online with blogging guys and I make good money today.

Number three is really easy – become a transcriber and you can make between ten dollars all the way up to $50 per hour with this particular job.   It’s simple. Transcribing videos, audios into text this is simple to do.  You’re literally getting paid for that.

I used to take my own youtube videos and transcribe them and then I would transfer that text on to my blog so I can go and rank in Google and it sees me writing out an entire article.  Later, I have paid VA’s to do that,  but you can become a VA offering just that as a self -employed guy as well.

Number four guys is – flipping digital real-estate.  a great way to make money online.  What happens is every single day expired domains get put up for sale and some of them have really good names and you can actually buy these names and resell them.   What I do is sometimes I won’t sell them immediately.  I’ll buy a name and I’ll sit on some names for a while and then I’ll just sell them, if I feel like selling them.  Or you can sell them straight away, or you can actually start an entire business by flipping digital real estate.

It’s simple – you buy a product for a price which is the domain name,  you sell that product for a profit.  It’s that simple and you can sell out a website or make money by selling these particular domains on-line.   The best thing is you can really sell it for whatever you want now obviously you’re only going to get what it’s actually worth.

You can pick these domains for up for $100 and it’s a pretty good chance they’re going to be able to sell these for more than $100 and make a profit.  Some of these domain names are crazy and people actually want to buy these particular domains. Sometimes you might double a sell for $10,000 or $20,000 it really just depends on the particular name you get and obviously you’re going to have to find the good names quickly.  Sign up to a newsletter for those sites selling domains and then you’ll get sent the list every single day I get sent the list at around about 11 p.m. That’s my advice.

Number five – five guys is – To become Virtual Assistant.  It is really easy and literally anybody can do this.

I pay people to do stuff for me that’s really easy to do like,  check emails, do customer support on my software.  A virtual assistant is someone that gets trained to do something for a company.  You don’t actually need many skills to start with.  What happens is someone like me who owns an online business, needs help.  ‘I can’t be bothered or I’m too busy to do my emails every single day, I need someone else to do that for me, ok?  But I don’t go and look for a virtual assistant that already has skills I look for a cheap assistant then I can actually train up to do the specific tasks that I need.  This is the most economical way to do it for a business which is not big yet. Find a willing person and train him.  A lot of people think they actually need to have some sort of important skills before they go look for a VA job somewhere.

When you are starting you don’t want to go immediately to upwork.com or freelancer.com. You can go there later. You can go and look for people who are looking for virtual assistants and they will train you up to do the specific tasks that they need for their business.

I actually recommend this for anybody that doesn’t have any skills online and they don’t really know where to start with making money and yes you can make $100 a day doing this.  People will pay good money for a good virtual assistant that saves the money in the long run and saves them time.  I’ll rather pay someone $100 a day to do my emails than me because I know that I will make more money if I focus my time on more important stuff in my business.


Number six guys – Shopify store creator  You probably don’t really hear about that much online. A lot of people don’t know how to do it.  Creating a Shopify store is simple.   You can get a free theme from Shopify, can import some products, make it look pretty, put our logo on it.  You can charge time for doing that or  you can charge for your services, it’s very easy to do.   I know people who are charging 500 a thousand dollars to do this.  It really depends on how well you make the store but you can become a Shopify store creator and make stores for people and you can also do this for blogging you can make blogs of people you can make general websites for people there’s a lucrative business model and you can make good money and you can do this from home because there’s so many people out there that don’t know how to start and build their own Shopify stores online.

Shopify is getting very, very popular and dropshipping is just going crazy right now so it’s definitely something you might want to look into, if you’re looking to make some money online from home.

Number sevenYouTube Channel Creator Let’s talk about  YouTube channels.

You probably hear everybody saying YouTube channel YouTube channel.   Lot of people are making a fortune and we hear about it on TV, but also many say that there’s not much money to be made anymore on YouTube.   Well it depends on the niche, I would say.  A  small Channel with a hundred thousand subscribers is not making so much compared to a bigger channel, but not always.  It would make good money when it’s in a niche that is a high CPM.  So people pay a lot of money to advertise on such particular channel.  The best thing is it becomes extremely passive. You don’t need too much work at all.  You don’t need expensive  gear to actually start a YouTube channel.  You can do it with your mobile phone.  You can do it with the crappiest camera you’ve got.  You don’t even need flash lighting. You can simply just start doing videos which is exactly what I started doing. I started doing YouTube and my videos weren’t the worst but were not so good either. You learn as you go.
YouTube guys is a very good way to make money from home, in fact it’s probably better than blogging.  It’s a lot easier to do.   With a blogging you have to write an article,  you have to check it,  you have to kind of like make sure it’s all good and can take a couple of days to do a really good authority article.  With YouTube you can make a video in like 10 to 20 minutes.  It takes about an hour to edit and export. It takes about ten minutes to upload you can have a video done completed and uploaded onto YouTube.   Within around two hours  you are done!  It’s not that hard to do.

They say the most of the internet traffic is going to be YouTube by 2022, because more people are watching videos.  We watch videos on our phones, our computers, on our TV, on our tablets.  We can watch YouTube anywhere.   In fact I have YouTube playing in the background when I’m driving.  I want to listen to my music that I have on my watch list.  YouTube guys, is a very profitable way to make money online and work from home.   If you want to jump into it now go to  YouTube blogs and learn how to get views on your YouTube channel.   It actually is a lot easier than you might think and you just need to optimize videos properly and all that sort of good stuff and you’ll start to get traffic to your YouTube videos.   It’s actually quite easy once you get the hang of it.


Number eight guys is – becoming an online tutor . That is something you might need a little bit of skill for,  however you might have these skills, I’m not sure.   Becoming an online tutor could be your way to earn 100$ a day.   You can tutor people ,you can teach people, you can help people with things like: reading, maths, English.  You can basically become a schoolteacher on line and this is becoming extremely popular.  In this particular time of Corona Virus or Covid-19 virus, the world is changing.  We have flying drones now that deliver food, we have… I can get anything to my house whenever I want to buy.   Well,  it’s the same with teaching .  You can go online now you can help people looking to be taught things.  Some are looking for help with their homework:  English,  maths,  even physical education,  even social studies.   Any particular topic you can think of in school you can help people do that online.  You can get paid extremely well for this now.  I don’t know how much you can earn per hour I haven’t researched that, but I assume it would be pretty good money.

I do actually know someone that does this for a full-time living.  They are an online teachers and that’s how they make their money and they have a pretty nice house and a  car.   I assume they do pretty well doing this particular thing .  They do that exact thing, an online tutor.  They work from home, they never leave home to go to a job.   There’re plenty of websites you can choose  for that kind of jobs.  Go online and look for some to get started now.

Number nine guys is  – becoming a freelancer.  It is pretty broad but you can become a freelancer offering what you know doing well:  you can write articles, you can design websites, you can do graphic design, you can edit videos, you can do video thumbnails etc.  You can become a freelancer and do something that you have a skill for.  You become a freelancer for literally anything online.  If you have a particular skill, you are ready.

People like me, who have online businesses,  we outsource some things.  People with big businesses, outsource nearly everything to people online.   There are thousands of big companies that outsource so much stuff so there’s really no excuse if you want to work.  If you have some sort of skill, you can definitely go out and be a freelancer online.   You can use websites like upwork.com or  freelancer.com to do this particular stuff.

It’s not that hard to do this guys.  You basically look for people who are looking for particular things to be done for them.   You offer your services.   You can get very good jobs making good money.  For example, the creation of  landing page could be  about $90 per hour.  Sometimes freelancer gets paid 1K for a job.


Number ten guys is  – become a middleman.   You might not have ever heard about it. What is a middleman here in internet marketing? It is kind of strange title here, but let me explain.

Let’s say I need to get a logo created.  I’m willing to pay $200.   Well, as a middleman,  you can go onto logo making websites and offer $100 for a logo to be made made.  Many freelancers would submit their logos and you pick one.  You essentially have become the middleman – you find a job that someone wants to get done,  you say hey I can do this,  and then you outsource it to someone.   This is perfectly legal, plenty of people do this.   It is a great way to make some money you know.

When you are drop shipping you’re a middleman.   You take someone’s order –  you give it to the supplier .  They ship it out and you make a profit .  It’s kind like that but in different industries you are essentially going out looking for people who are looking for freelancers – you take their work and then you go and find someone to do that for you.

If I announce ‘ I need to get a thousand-word article written and I’m willing to pay $100’  you could say ‘I’ll do this job for you’ You find someone to do it for $30-$40 and you make double than that, for just being the middleman.

There is more than that on the subject guys and I will soon write about it, or make a short intro video. Please leave a comment, or subscribe, so you will hear about next article.