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Why World marketing, Why Digital publishing?

After years of ignoring the use of internet digital email marketing, it became obvious that whoever does not get informed and updated, remains far behind in the multiple opportunities for convenience and work from home.

Denny Redpath started getting in line with the rest of the online marketers in 2015 when doing courses, trainings, video lessons, attending webinars, creating digital products followed and the skills needed were many.

Since the workload is quite a lot and programs promise “quick kill” it is important to give more sincere information to all who aspire to become entrepreneurs and earn their living working from home.

No promises are hereby given that what worked 100% for someone, will work same for you. But it all depends on you and what you put into the preparation.

All Promotions here are of people who have become very successful Entrepreneurs or/and able to offer training and Apps which facilitate the learning process.

While we would love to teach everything in person, we are aware that in this business there are already big number of super successful entrepreneurs. Their offers are not always understood by newbies who need slower approach and understanding the concepts, before acquiring the skills and finally implementing a strategy and tactics. This is where we could be of most help. Combination of our introducing gently into the “game” newbies who then learn from the top men in this industry.

Our aim is to help anyone who is starting in internet marketing and soon add live teaching classes facing one subject at a time:

Opening a site on WP,

Creating the “must have” pages by law,

Creating Blog and posting,

Integrating most needed Apps,

Placing Button for FB, Twitter etc,

Advertising for free,

Advertising By Paid Adds,

General Info on what is more effective,

Funnel creation as products to offer to clients,

Outsourcing all creative processes for money,

What to expect and Trends, which are changing very fast.

You can connect with Denny online at the following email:

admin AT worldmarketingonline DOT com

To our successful collaboration together!!

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