Affiliate Marketing

What is “Affiliate Marketing”?

It is a marketing strategy for products which are not yours. Any business enterprise would be having its regular share of customers. As a part of sales promotion efforts, the business encourages the regular customers to refer some of their friends and acquaintances to try out their products rewarding them with incentives. The more the number of customers introduced, the more is the reward. Now this has become a sort of an affiliate business and this type of marketing through the help of your old customers became known as “Affiliate Marketing”.

Who are the parties involved:

  • Product Maker: He is the business/Retailer/Brand for whom the affiliates brings new customers.
  • Affiliate Internet Market Platform: All possible offers for the affiliates are hosted there including the payment processing system.
  • Affiliate: In this business he represents the  middle-man who in his turn organises marketing campaign for which he is financially responsible in order to attract new buyers for the chosen product.
  • Customer: He buys the product and is the final end user.

The “Affiliate Marketing Platforms” function through:

  • Organic Search Engine Optimization: Manipulation of the search engine network to maximise visits.
  • Pay Per Click marketing which is exactly what it says. The affiliate pays for every click on his ad for the product.
  • E-mail marketing: The affiliate sends promotional e-mails his clients or pays for his ad to be forwarded in a email to other experts in the field.
  • Content marketing: This involves creation and sharing of media as well as publishing content to attract customers.
  • Webinars and Facebook live sessions to promote the offer of the product

Clickbank is one of the  leading online marketplace which has its headquarters in Boise, Idaho and offices in other places. It has many competitors.

What are some of the alternative Platforms Similar to Clickbank:

  1. eBay Partner Network:  A variety of products are available for promotion here and the network has earned a reputation of being a very reliable. This is how it compares with Clickbank.
    • eBay has more products available to promote than ClickBank.
    • eBay has physical products too whereas ClickBank caters primarily to digital products.
    • eBay Network has a lot heavier online traffic as compared to ClickBank.
    • eBay is as easy to use as ClickBank is.
  • The registration process of eBay is a bit more  complicated as compared to ClickBank.
  • 2.Amazon Associates: Amazon is a very big competitor with enormous range of products, both physical as well as digital. As far as trust is concerned, Amazon has a high trust value.
  • Customers can buy more than one item at a time.
  • Amazon offers a very easy setup.
  • Commissions earned through Amazon are lower.

3.  ShareASale

4.  JV Associates –

You need to research to find which one of the tens of platforms is more suitable for what you are looking for in terms of easy sign up, acceptable terms of payments, product types, commissions offered etc etc.

There is enough of choice.