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Do you realise that any of you who has a Laptop and is playing games for hours daily can devolve one part of the day to earn some money while on the laptop. Imagine how shocked your parents would be!

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

Wouldn’t you want to be able to close the laptop and go out meeting your friends, announcing that today you earned $150 or $300? It would be exciting, right? You could buy everyone a drink. You would feel great.


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Have you ever tried to make some money by advertising on Facebook? Thousands have done it. Many had nearly no clicks and they gave up. Some have decided to persist and learn. Those are the marketers who started seeing clicks and money.

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So many know how to build websites, some know SEO well. Others are good with videos and images. But you haven’t found how to coach and make money on a regular bases.

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Many stay-at-home mums learn Instagram and Pinterest, but they haven’t learned how to benefit from it so that they get monthly income from that. Click below and find the free bootcamp on Influencer Marketing to make your efforts pay.

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Maybe the best of all alone, or in conjunction with the previous methods, is still the Email Marketing. How many realise how valuable are people’s emails? Well, they are and they will be valuable to you even after 2020 is over. Learn free how to start below from home.

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Stay tuned and check the reviews in category Reviews here for automation apps you can use on WP. A lot of the work can be cut down using the Apps. I use many of them.

To your success as a marketer earning money on the laptop from home.