Easy to Use SEO Tool – Let Google Find Sitemaps, good Backlinks, best Keywords – Review

SEO Tool will make you create Sitemaps, check backlinks, find dead links and all that matters to Google.

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By all means I know that other SEO tools exist and I have some of them. What is better with this one is that it shows you the problem, and immediately with few clicks you eliminate it. The tool is excellent for not only giving you a report on the SEO health of your Website, but also clean easy way to correct the errors.

This is a Tool meant for Microsoft users.

I found it also very good for the quick creation of a sitemap of your site. Most beginners have no idea what that map is and why is it important. Rather than going on a course to learn about it, the SEO tool tells you what to click and in few minutes you have it, without even knowing so much about it.

As I mentioned, there are other applications doing optimization on-page, but not so many do off-page. Wouldn’t it be good when you dooptimization off-page and sort out errors hated by Google?

So, let me say that this SEO Tool is a powerful SEO optimization application that does complete on-page and off-page optimization for websites. 

– Improve website rankings for key keywords

– Get rid of Google’s penalties

– Find out which backlinks are good and which are bad.

– Find out exactly what you need to change on your pages to improve the rankings

– Create SEO optimization reports which you can sell to customers

– Create Google compatible sitemap

>>> Show me the new SEO Tool Now <<<
With this short review I will let you go through the Presentation properly and see how it works live.

Ok guys, that’s all for now.