Embrace your incompetence. Staff with Experts.

You can’t be great at everything. None of us are.

The question is: What will you do about it? What will you do about the areas where you don’t have the commitment, time or skill to be exceptional?

One approach is to never talk about it. It’s off limits. Do the work poorly, but pretend you don’t.

Another approach is to talk about it with zeal. Work to find resources you can use to avoid the things you do poorly. Find a cohort that will challenge you to get better. Find new and better ways to improve…

It’s hard to imagine that avoidance of the issue is going to make things better.
Most clever approach ladies, is to find experts, pay them well, and get all areas you are not best at, covered. It doesn’t mean you are wasting funds. On the contrary. The results of a timely executed changes and improvements in your marketing business, can bring money.

Often, we women want to do everything ourselves. We start spending endless hours battling with technical problems. We don’t sleep enough. We neglect our family with the excuse for providing better financial life for everyone. But is it correct? Does the result justify the poorer quality connection with family and friends?

Much better and efficient way of dealing with innovations and improvements is, to employ expert marketers to do what we want in 1/10 of the time we will spend. This is how some women manage to advance fast and gain the respect of others.