[Getting Leads]Slow & Secure Way – Social Media sites

There is a big variety of social Media sites to consider when you are after Leads.

Are you after Leads on FB, Twitter and LinkedIn?

Usually the average IM newbie would  think immediately about Facebook. Twitter and maybe LinkedIn,. Next 3 – Reddit, Stumbleupon, Digg are excellent platforms for your content and comments, a lot less used by the average IM marketer, but how good is it to have offers and direct channels posted securely there.

These can generate huge amounts of traffic if a story or blog post catches on.

Become a valued member on some platforms. Offer advice and support to establish you as an expert in your niche. This will drive traffic later.

Offer help or support with a problem related to your niche.

Monitor brand or current events using a social listening tool like Social Mention to display and then contribute to conversations happening in your niche.

• http://Twitter.com
• http://Facebook.com• http://LinkedIn.com

• http://Google+.com• http://Tumblr.com
• http://Reddit.com

Video Submission Sites


Sites like YouTube and Vimeo provide a free way to distribute creative promotional videos, but to succeed you must put up content that people want to view and relevant to your niche. Uploading a simple ad to “buy your stuff” will not work.

put up content that people want to view and relevant to your niche.

Most video submission sites allow you to include clickable URLs in the video’s description area so take advantage of them. There are over 100 video submission site you can take advantage of with this strategy.

Here are just a few…

• http://YouTube.com
• http://Vimeo.com
• http://Metacafe.com
• http://Dailymotion.com• http://Veoh.com

• http://Videosift.com
• http://Videobomb.com• http://Vube.com
• http://LiveLeak.com

Photo ShaRIng SItes

There are Tools which are free and offer excellent chance of being noticed for the original infographics. No need of coding skills and no castor using them! I am referring to Canva and Piktochart for example. Lovely colours as well.

A profile at the sites listed below can also help by giving you one place to compile all the photos for your business, and they allow you to link back to your website.

• http://Instagram.com
• http://Pinterest.com
• http://Flickr.com
• http://www.photobucket.com• http://picasa.google.com

• http://www.photobucket.com• http://www.shutterfly.com
• http://www.smugmug.com
• http://www.imgur.com

• http://www.weheartit.com

Use images to offer discounts and then share them on Facebook or Twitter. Using images to offer discounts or coupon codes is a great, non-threatening way to promote your products without being too “salesy.”

PDF submission Sites

PDF submission is very popular for online promotion and submission. High page rank PDF sharing sites are extremely valuable in eyes of search engines.  Most of those websites allow you to link back to your website. Here are some of those PDF document sharing websites, which you will find very useful.

• http://docstoc.com
• http://en.calameo.com

• http://adrive.com
• http://fliiby.com
• http://sharesend.com

• http://authorstream.com

• http://mediafire.com
• http://zippyshare.com

• http://issuu.com
• http://scribd.com


Press Re.Lease sItes


Every time your business does something newsworthy, write a press release and place it on a few of them. There are lots of free press release services, Free Press Release, ClickPress, Fastpitch and Pressbox, for example.

Having free distribution on this is a big bonus for your business.  Here are some on which you could start sending your press releases!

• http://pr.com
• http://directionsmag.com
• http://prleap.com
• http://newswiretoday.com

• http://prweb.com
• http://businesswire.com
• http://prlog.org

• http://free-press-release.com

• http://theopenpress.com