How did I get Excited about Becoming a Marketer

How did it all start

World marketing online or more specifically email digital marketing, is my objective today?
It is a long story which follows briefly below. You will learn how I got excited about becoming a marketer once you have read the short account of it below.
I met with the “fantasy” as a child reading books everywhere I had a chance, even in the bathroom & in bed.
I developed the curiosity and was dreaming about traveling and discovering the world.


I met with first foreign French family as a child at the age of 10 and as a result I started learning French outside school classes.
I learned English with “Teach Yourself Book” through another foreign language. There were no video or audio courses online at that time. In fact there was no world marketing online at all.
Because of my constant dreaming about the world, I was getting all excited when I was listening about those foreign countries and fascinating people from the books.

Declaring my Wishes openly, I got the Universe working on my side!

This focusing and exhilaration on the subject, made me say loud to all my friends ” I would like to have a flat in London, Paris, Rome and travel all the world.
It seemed I was working subconsciously towards my loudly declared goal.
At present I use  9 European languages. I travel all I want. I am still fascinated with foreign cultures, traditions and food.
I lived in 3-4 countries already and I have achieved my wishes.
I only realised I had been working towards what I stated all those years ago, when I saw the “Secret” and learned about the Law of Attraction.

I have New Big Goals now.

1) I want to help women to stop suffering the pain, guilt, shame, self accusations at times when they split with their partners. And that is one of them. My page Get Back To Dating was started. I decided to write a book “11 Steps To Love” and it was published on Amazon UK.

11 Steps to Love
  A Guide for Mature Women
2) I got inspiration by Rikka Zimmerman who helped me with practical hacks in handling those negative feelings.
That led me to Bob Proctor who is a top expert in the Law Of Attraction, a star from “The Secret”. So I started learning about that seriously.  I added the page Law Of Attraction and met with some of the Best in the field, including Bob Proctor himself!
3)  Rikka disappeared for 9 months from the scene to fight cancer and she won that battle! During this long period of absence I started learning about different health issues. That is how my page Top Mind Top Body was added on my site and FB. This became another one of my goals – helping as much as possible to pass on information on Physical, mental, spiritual and mental health.
4) Success in all fields with the help of the latest developments in Neuro-Brain Science is possible and I am following this super guy John Assaraf – altruist, generous, successful, star from the “Secret” etc etc. I learned that today is possible to achieve what I achieved over 20 years in much shorter time. Neuro-brain retraining works so well. Using it with a good purpose in mind, with a goal much bigger than becoming wealthy yourself, works “miracles”
5)  I am on the way to achieve success in my endeavors  by learning Internet Digital Marketing. Here comes World Marketing Online FB page and website which I added.  I could freely say I attracted, i.e. I met, one of the top men in the Internet marketing industry – Anik Singal with his partners Jimmy Kim and Fred Lam. They are awesome.  Since then I am constantly learning and constantly excited.
The sky is the limit. Who said there is a limit?!  By earning 5 million euros in 2 years, I will have the funds to buy a property, to convert it into Free Club Hub, where volunteers would be offering services to hundreds of women.
Digital Marketing would be taught and women would start earning money from home, while caring for their kids as single mothers or being rewarded partners in a family union, where they are not seen only as mothers but as “bread earners”
I want only good, solid, serious but also fun people, altruistic souls,  to join me in that quest for creating more possibilities for us ladies!
If God is with me, who can be against me?