How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners (YouTube)

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners (YouTube)

Over the past few years, I was learning everything. But how I started making money was exactly with affiliate marketing. It happened before I even knew what it really involved.

You know. you see the potential, like the product or the course. The guy is amazing. You like his face and the way he presents his product and you say to yourself: If I am ready to buy that, why can’t I convince others to get it? I learned you can do that.

TubeRankMachine for AutomationYou make a review, or simply find traffic for a certain Sales Page and when someone buys it, they have clicked on your personal affiliate link. You get to make some money, right?

I’ve generated dollars with affiliate marketing and I get the question a lot, how do you actually get started? So I’m gonna be breaking down the basics so you can get started with affiliate marketing, coming up.

I am bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video.

What is affiliate marketing, what is possible? We’ll share some case studies.

And then, how do you kind of set everything up with a few examples. So with that, let’s cut right over to the content.

The combination of YouTube and affiliate marketing will bring you success.  Those two things will allow you to build a life on your terms and to create side income and passive income, and eventually a six-figure and multiple six-figure income just from affiliate marketing, and that’s what I wanna talk about today.

Go to Amazon, for example. Subscribe and get your affiliate link. They sell anything there, right. Everyone has a taste. Plus everyone knows what is the trend and what your own friends are excited about. Choose some products and remember to have your link ready.

Or/and go to  YouTube’s  search engine, see what people are looking for.  See what words people use to find what they want. See what would they type in YouTube and so they could find that video.

What is next? You find a nice spot in the house or garden and ‘be natural’. Make it like you show that product to your mate, right? Nothing fancy. Like..I’m a girl, I’ve got some stuff.  Take that stuff , books, headphones, different things.  Put them on a simple video,  sitting on your couch, for example. See where you feel comfortable. Talk about the emotion connected with things and put some affiliate links in the description.  Just say, ‘hey, everything I’m talking about will be in the description below’. Bum! Done!

You will then post the YouTube video and go hang out with your friends. And you will be dying to see how it’s going. You would share the new venture with your best friend, of course. Hey, why not. Do it together. There is room for thousands on YouTube.

And I bet you’ll remember that first money you made For me it was on August 2nd, 2015, I made $3.12. Are you laughing? So what? I made it while I was somewhere having fun!!!!!

Okay. It seems insignificant but I really believe it was so significant because I had a proof of concept, a proof that it’s possible.  You better not sneer at the small beginnings ’cause even if you can make a little bit of money, that can be changed to more later. You will  learn as you go, more tips and more strategies and eventually you can scale that.

Amazon commissions are relatively small. You don’t have to rely only on that, right?

If you move up and start teaching others how to do something, you would get many clicks. Like ‘How to edit a video using a software’, for example.   The affiliate commissions from talking about some different software, is bigger. How would you get more clicks here is when you yourself manage to rank a video. You become powerful guy.

With high views and the right optimization, you can generate some real income. This is an entirely different affiliate program, like, $15 every single day, $30 every day, passively from some search in ranked videos. And it’s just one video,  how about making animated intros and logos to your videos?

Affiliate marketing is when you review and recommend a product online and you earn a commission when someone purchases that product using your affiliate link.

And so, another way to put it is, a cool way to make money, sharing the products that you love and use. Like, whatever you love, whatever your niche is, whatever you talk about.   There’s probably an affiliate program for everything you might like. that is a great opportunity.

Like, whether it’s a physical products, whether it’s digital, whether it’s software, whether it’s even services, even events oftentimes there are affiliate programs. And it’s really that,  if you generate business for anybody, you send traffic their way and there’s any kind of sale transaction, then  you can get a commission.

And so, here is how it works. If you were to do it on Amazon, you can just sign up for the affiliate program and if you haven’t connected with Amazon in the Influencer page, Influencer Program here, do it because they have so many cool tools for us as creators, as YouTubers, to set up our own custom page, organize products and things we love in a different category, so stop by their booth.

But you can just go to the Amazon Associates Program to get started, and it’s even in multiple different countries now, so you can sign up wherever you are based. And there’s something called OneLink and even things like Genius Link or, where you can actually sign up for lots of countries if you have an international audience.

And going through OneLink, you can actually get paid from all around the world. So now, we get checks from the UK and checks from Canada being sent to us without actually doing new work, it’s super cool.

So you sign up for an affiliate program, could be any affiliate program. And then you can be able to start creating trackable links, that you could share in your YouTube description, but this will be true for a podcast, or on your blog, or really anywhere, in an email that you send out as your newsletter. There are some invaluable coaches, you should learn from.

And in this case, on YouTube, you could put that link in your description and when some visitors click on that link, if they buy something, you make money. Pretty cool, right?  That’s how you can do affiliate marketing. But, you should aim at ranking a video on YouTube. That is when you start seeing success. 

So those were the affiliate marketing basics, and keep in mind that, that is just the tip of the iceberg. I mean, we talked about Amazon, but there are so many programs out there. I mean, almost everything has an affiliate program, Nordstrom, Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot.

There’s networks like ShareASale or ClickBank, there’s a lot of other things that we’re gonna be covering in future.

Question of the day. Have you started affiliate marketing yet? And what are your biggest questions about it? I’m excited to maybe take this series a little bit further, so post in the comment section below, what are your challenges and your questions about affiliate marketing.

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