Marketing Resources

Good marketing resources for internet marketers are short courses, bootcamps, video trainings, case studies, quizzes. You know that, after an initial study period, you will need more and more knowledge and best resources. The web is crammed with information. The resources here I personally found useful. I will share courses I have taken. I will share plugins- free and paid, which made my life easier. For email digital marketers serve books of world class marketers.  
You will not become successful immediately. Use all resources, improve your computer skills. Follow the blueprint of those before you and you will become a winner.
I should add here immediately an App for writing books and reports. Every marketer starts with a free report or ebook. With this app you can make it look great.
After spending 3 years of struggling I developed my strategy. It includes the use of resources. Internet marketers waste a lot of time on listening to every VSL letter, often more than once. Marketing resources are there to be used, but you can be picky and choosy, especially if someone has done the hard work of eliminating those not worth your time. Trust me in that.