Fastest eBook Creator 2018/19

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How many of you create ebooks to offer as a lead magnet to your clients? I suppose all of you. Do you create them from scratch!
If the answer is yes, you need to click and watch the short presentation here.
Why not use the App that does it all for you? You need to have titles and subtitles, you need to know how to pass the message, of course. But with this software you will finish in minutes rather than spending hours.
I you don’t know much about design, you will be given lovely templates to use.
If you want to store them, they will be stored together to help you find them easily.
If you don’t know much about url links, you will find them ready for you.
Why do I like it so much? It saves time you can spend on ideas, building a community and getting your email list.
Check it out. You might find it’s a must.