The Secret To Successful Writing

To Use in World Marketing
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There is a secret to successful writing of short stories or books. You might have known about it. You might have been advised to remember to focus on that but you ignored it. Why would any aspiring writer do that?

You were writing for yourself. You wrote, corrected, showed to friends, got their ‘like’ and smiled content with the work done. Then why is your work not published? Why are you not getting it read by thousands?

The answer could be more complex, than what I am going to talk about. But the secret I want to share with you, is the main reason for your writing not having the success you expected it to have.

It could be that you post is in the wrong places. It could be that Facebook changed the algorytm again and all your organic ‘friends’ are not shown even 3 % of what they should see. I know it for a fact. Facebook wants your money. And if you learn to use it in a paid advertising, you will have learned the successful writing secret I am going to tell you about.

What am I talking about? I am talking about the fact that you have to know very well who are you writing for. I want to impress on that: You need to know exactly who that part of population is. This is the secret of successful writing.
Answer these questions and note the answers on a piece of paper:
Who do I want to read my story?  ( I know that you don’t really think a lot about that, the more the better, right?)

What age group are my readers? ( You probably have the age of your readers vaguely in your head, but you haven’t thought about it very much, have you?) 

Where do they live? ( automatically without thinking, you imagine your readers live in a world similar to yours) 

What do they read about most of the time? ( For all you know, they might not even read a lot)

When do they read? ( Why would you think about it? Who cares?)

Do they read online, in papers and magazines, on Kindle or on mobile phones? (You probably hope they will be reading magazines like the one you want to publish your article, right? Maybe, but maybe not.) 

What scares them? ( You don’t write scary stories, why should you know that?)

What makes them laugh? ( Don’t we all laugh at the same stuff? Hmmm)

What do they hate and what do they love. ( I thought we all have same values and feelings about  those!!! )

What are the problems readers are trying to resolve? ( Don’t we all have the same problems and feelings about them?

No. A research has been done by many neuroscience experts with thousands of employees in big companies and Mark Robert Waldman shared that only 5% of 2000 taken part in the research were found to have the same thought on Love and God.  The only value they agreed on was Money.

In conclusion, I want to say that the reason why FB paid advertising works so well is that you have to do that selection 1 by 1 before you publish an ad. And that ad will reach exactly and mainly that chosen part of community, living in that particular town, that age bracket, with such and such interests only. This is the reason their paid ads get engagement, not because they are better.

There is a second secret to successful writing, which I will just barely mention today. Always keep in mind that people want to hear about solutions more than they want to listen to problems.

Wish you to become a successful writer in 2020 and why not a best selling author!
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He is not teaching how to write for making money, but he used the secret of successful writing very well and used team of people to develop practical teachable systems leading to success in all areas of life.


To your big success as writer!!!